Event Stylist

How Event stylists and Event decorators can spice up your event

Is an event stylist necessary for my event?

Coming up with the right attire for your events is significant in making a lasting impression. Our event stylist works closely with the client to ensure that a cohesive look and feel is acquired for your event. They work closely with the design team for the event and ensure that if one is looking at the event as a whole they can describe it in a singular statement. If you are thinking that you have a designer or decorator for this purpose you may end up having a lot of clashing designs on the day of your event. Stylists also ensure the right colors and theme is working to fruition. Our event stylist can also work for particular aesthetic requests. Stylists are required especially for themed parties and events where there is a dress code for the event. Smaller events such as photo ops where the crowd is not big can benefit greatly from them.

Why do Event Decorator

Are you looking for an Event Decorator? The first thing you need to know is an event decorator works closely with the event planner and designer. They are responsible for delivering the props for an event. Our event decorator is responsible for finding and creating vintage treasures at an event. Each event has that one stand out feature that everyone talks about. It can be a chocolate fountain, a glamorous chandelier or even something as simple as how the props are laid out. We offer an event decorator who has a creative mind and at the same time can be able to bring to life the request of the client. Every single decoration must be impressive and the whole setting combined still be as impressive. If you are looking for an event decorator look no further than Full Monty Events where after using our services you will leave your guests in awe and be satisfied.