Event Planning Services

Choosing the right event planning service and Event Planners near you.

What Party planners can bring to your event

Have you ever asked the question “are there party planners near me?”, and then you are in the right place here at Full Monty Events. We have the best party planners and you can plan for small parties to large ones. A Full Monty Events planned party involves having the best food and drinks cared for you, having the best PA systems delivered to you and for the right price celebrity appearances. All you need to do is contact us and we will have the right package for you at your disposal. We have a large number of venues to choose from and a whole team dedicated to décor, design and getting the right theme for your esteemed client. We are also near your doorstep hence we are very accessible for planning meetings. In case you are planning a costume themed party we also have those available and where we don’t we can advise you on where to acquire them.

How the right event planning services can take your events to the next level

Are you in need of event planning services? Are you out of ideas for hosting the best event for your clients or neighborhood? We at Full Monty Events are glad to offer you such services. First, we have a team dedicated to advise you on the steps to consider when planning an event. Knowing the target people you want at the event, the number of people, catering services, decorations, and entertainment can prove to be difficult to handle if you are alone or inexperienced. We have tents available for outdoor events and most importantly we have networks that can provide you with quality services and products. We also cover transportation of any equipment, props or luggage that you may need to transport on the day of the event. We realize how taxing planning for an event may be and we are here for you bringing out the best experience in the industry for you.